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HPC & Grid Computing

Does your organization need to perform demanding computations at high speeds, such as those related to financial services or weather forecasting? Do you want to find ways to extend your capacity without adding hardware? Then consider high performance computing (HPC) by deploying an HPC cluster.

In most organizations, efficient IT utilization is a major challenge. Most often, some IT resources are under-utilized, while others are stretched beyond their capacity. The result is IT infrastructure that is a drain on resources rather than an asset. In order to stay competitive, organizations must find ways of getting their existing infrastructure to perform optimally instead of buying and installing new hardware to meet rising demands.

Progression can help you achieve this. We have been working for years now to develop newer ways in which we can collectively use under-utilized hardware to create larger compute resources through cluster computing. We can help put together a high performance or grid computing solution that is just right for your organization’s needs. From GPU computing for graphical analysis driven requirements to Linux clustering, we can work out a cluster architecture for requirements. Whether you are looking for extreme performance, efficient scaling of workloads, better allocation of capacity, or faster results, we address your most challenging requirements and give you a solution that is purpose-built to match your needs.

With our services, you can effectively manage data complexities, improve decision making, and speed innovation and growth in your organization.

Solution Features
When you opt for Progression’s services, you get:

  • A robust, proven solution
  • Scalability, flexibility and reliability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Ease of use