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Managed Security Services

With threats becoming more complex and sophisticated, managing the security of  IT infrastructure is becoming more challenging for enterprises. Progression’s cloud-based managed security services give you a simple alternative. No longer do you need to set up and maintain expensive software or equipment, or hire additional staff to manage it. Instead, you can leverage our expertise to get more protection, at a lower cost.

With Progression’s cloud security services, you get round-the-clock security, as and when you need it, without having to invest so much time, money and effort into ensuring the protection of your IT systems.

Service Features
With Progression’s managed security services, you get:

  • Extensive protection from established and emerging threats
  • Proactive monitoring of your security systems
  • Round-the-clock support

Business Benefits

Here are some of the benefits:

  • No need to make large capital investments in security hardware or software
  • Better protection than with an on-premise solution
  • Less wastage of resources
  • Increased productivity of your staff

Anti Virus
Tired of managing your on-premise antivirus solution, downloading updates and running scans for the constantly growing number of users in your business?
Progression has an easy alternative for you.
With our cloud antivirus service, you only have a small piece of client software running on your users’ desktops. This software captures information about threats and sends it to the cloud, which is where all the processing of threats happens, taking the load off your servers and making your job a whole lot easier. You get an easy deployment, centralized tracking and management of threats, better protection—and all this with less strain on your in-house IT infrastructure.

Service Features
With Progression’s cloud antivirus services, you get:

  • Centralized management of threats
  • All infections are tracked at your main server console. Activity across the whole network can be viewed through a browser
  • Updates happen automatically through the cloud, with no need to update individual PCs
  • You can run scans through the cloud

Business Benefits
Here are some of the benefits:

  • Reduced need for manual administration
  • Higher availability of system resources
  • Quick, easy PC deployments
  • Broader protection, greater flexibility in reporting and management of threats
  • No need to apply updates
  • Quicker resolution of false positives

With attackers getting better each day and coming up with more sophisticated ways of breaching security in companies, you need a security solution that can offer up-to-date protection, and protect you against threats round-the-clock. You need dedicated staff that can monitor threats, take action in case of an attack, and apply patches to keep your security up-to-date. But this is not always possible.
Or is it? Progression’s managed intrusion detection and prevention systems gives you the protection you need against worms, malware and other kinds of blended threats—with no need for your internal staff to install and manage expensive hardware or software. You get the latest protection, 24/7, along with constant support from Progression’s security experts to help you deal effectively with threats of all kinds.

Service Features
With Progression’s services, you get:

  • Quick implementation, no need to install complex hardware or software systems
  • The latest protection—our IPS signature database is updated frequently
  • Constant monitoring for potential threats
  • 24/7 support from Progression experts

Business Benefits
Here are some of the benefits:

  • Cost savings, as there is no large capital expenditure required
  • Better protection against established and emerging threats
  • Time savings, since our experts will alert you only in case of a real attack, instead of you having to monitor and assess each and every potential threat
  • No loss of network performance
  • Higher productivity of your staff

Anti Spam
Spam, malware and email viruses are a huge waste of your resources. They take up bandwidth, disk space, and memory for processing—all for something that will ultimately be deleted. Wouldn’t it be great if spam messages could be stopped before they ever reached your servers, instead of having to be downloaded, processed, and then finally trashed?
Progression gives you exactly that. Moving to the Progression cloud ensures that all the spam you spend so much time and money on processing never gets through to your system. Filtering happens on the cloud, and only legitimate email is allowed to reach your network. No longer do your servers have to bear the brunt of large attachments or sudden spikes in the number of spam mails coming through—the cloud does that for you, leveraging economies of scale and saving you bandwidth, resources and cost.

Service Features
Here’s a look at the features of Progression’s anti spam services:

  • Spam filtering and management on the cloud, before it reaches your network
  • High rate of accuracy in spam capture
  • Messages that may be false positives can be held in a quarantine that is also on the cloud

Business Benefits
Here are the benefits of opting for Progression’s anti spam services:

  • Increased productivity through higher availability of bandwidth, server resources
  • Cost savings, since you pay per user or per month
  • Scalability
  • No more software maintenance or updates to be installed
  • Users can check and release any emails that may be false positives themselves