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Managed Enterprise Cloud Servers

As your business grows to take on competition that is bigger than what yours currently is, spend some time working out how you can compete on a level playing field. How can you get access to the best of IT infrastructure, but at less than a fraction of its cost? Through Managed Enterprise Cloud Servers.

With this truly world-class offering based on VMware, you end up leveling the playing field with competition. You can add more servers as you need them, saving you the pain of endless planning before you can scale up your IT infrastructure. You can also add hardware and software applications on the go, giving you the flexibility you have always sought from your IT infrastructure.


  • World-class hardware and software: Progression partners with HP, VMware, Oracle, Cisco and Microsoft to deliver the best of cloud server technologies. Which allow us the flexibility in expansion as required.
  • State of the art NOC: Proactive monitoring and management of your hardware and network services through Progression’s network operations center. This ensures that your business critical applications never go down.
  • Highly secure: Housed in a Tier3+ data center that is ISO 27001 certified, we deploy the best technologies and equipment to maintain a secure environment for each customer.
  • Continuous backups: There’s no data loss, ever.
  • Management: End-to-end management by Progression.
  • 24×7 technical support and proactive service monitoring
  • Proactive security checks and updates
  • Complete Migration support from your dedicated private server to Progression’s managed dedicated private server

Business Benefits Progression’s cloud based Managed Enterprise Cloud Servers offering makes it easier for you to scale up your IT infrastructure as you need it. Some of the benefits are:

  • You get access to the best IT infrastructure available in the market
  • You can add hardware and software as and when you need it, making it easier for you to scale up
  • You get a reduced cost of ownership through the pay-per-use model
  • You get added flexibility in your business environment, which in turn speeds up your decision-making process
  • You get to focus more on your core business, and leave the business of running your IT infrastructure to the experts
  • The reduced operating cost allows you to plan your financials better