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Backup as a Service

You take extensive measures to minimize your business risks. But what about the possibility of data loss? Do you leave the security of your business data to chance, or do you have comprehensive backup provisions in place to ensure its availability in every unforeseen situation?

Your business data holds the key to your business. It is what you base all your decisions on. A variety of things can pose a risk to your data—right from data theft to system failure to a network crash. To prevent loss of data, you need a backup solution that is reliable, compatible, easy to use, and highly secure. This is exactly what Progression offers through its cloud backup solutions.

Progression’s backup services on the cloud ensure that your data is always available to you. We ensure that your data is backed up to both onsite and offsite servers. Keeping in mind the complexity of IT infrastructure, Progression’s backup services are designed to be interoperable and function on multiple platforms.