Optimize Resources & Improve ROI with Business Process Automation

Customizable & Enterprise Ready Intelligent Bots

Over 70% of the business leaders questioned by the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence Survey said that they plan to invest more in the implementation and development of RPA and Bots


    The ‘virtual’ workforce you recruit for your Enterprise brings a lot of benefits such as reduction in cost, better quality, more flexibility, lower operational risk & processing time, and is:

    Completely Customizable

    Bots can incorporate any rule that defines the repetitive work process, and work on almost all types of platforms, applications and topology

    Extremely Intuitive

    After some basic learning and familiarization with the tool, your business users can start developing bots to automate their own mundane and repetitive tasks

    Visually Perceptive

    Every visible human action, that happens on the presentation layer, whether mouse clicks, or key strokes or CRON jobs, everything can be programmed into the RPA Bot

    Enterprise Ready

    High availability enabled, cloud ready, bank-grade security and deployable into your enterprise architecture framework with 24X7 support

    Robotic Process Automation and Digitization

    That Digitization is a reality and is already upon all of us, is an understatement. It must be adopted. The need is to digitize the majority of your organisation’s processes, only relying on people where person-to-person contact adds value, or to bring cognitive and innovative capabilities that technology cannot substitute.

    Digitization gets implemented in different ways for different organizations. It is, however, obvious that it is the only way to meet the greater demands for realtime fulfilment, 24/7 availability, personalised consumer experience, greater accuracy, predictive data, faster processing and improved customer identity management. That still leaves enormous scope for Digitization; estimates suggest around 45 per cent of current manual – mostly repetitive and rule-based work can be digitized; and that is the scope for RPA, one of the most potent routes to achieve a large part of your objectives.

    Another essential element of Digitization entails unattended transactional business processing – essentially pointing towards elimination of all manual handshakes, manual handling of computer interfaces as well as elimination of paper to digital or analog worksteps. Again, RPA helps you achieve this aspect of digitization.

    Business Process Automation Makes Your Life Easy

    Our Unique Advantage

    From Progression, you will get to see the proofs of benefits right from the PoC stage. Our consultative nature of engagement will ensure that those benefits of cost, quality, flexibility, risk mitigation, processing cycles and ROI are measurable, demonstrable and can be proven. If majority of these yardsticks are not upto the mark, we ourselves will advise you not to touch those processes for RPA. For us every customer and every business are unique and there is not one template that can be stamped on all customers. Keeping the core RPA expertise in place, we customise our approach towards each customer’s RPA needs.

    Assessment & Analysis

    With Progression you stand to get some unique advantages. You will get total agnostic advice on RPA. You get a partner who will look at your processes first and then recommend the right RPA solution. To dig deeper, we also involve you and your team in deeper discussions through workshops and interactive discussions

    Always Up & Running

    With high availability built into the design and architecture of our solution, and with deep expertise in hosting & deployment services, downtime is never going to be an issue


    With Progression, you can also expect that not only shall you achieve automation but also optimization of your processes and resources. For instance, where moving work from multiple locations to a centralized bot factory is feasible, you get the optimization consulting as well

    Two Decades of IT Expertise

    It is a golden opportunity to eliminate a lot of risk elements from your operations (like manual activities in inter-bank payment processes). It enables you to drastically improve the processing cycle times – and as a result make your customer happier and stickier by improving your service cycle time.  Custom built by team that has been serving IT industry for more than two decades

    Remote Monitoring & Management

    One of Progression’s core strength is Remote Monitoring & Management of IT infrastructure and we bring that expertise to RPA solutions as well. Not only we would help you automate your processes but also you can leave the worry of preempting and handling any kind of crisis

    Battle-tested Encryption

    We know that RPA Bots, by their very nature, must be operated in a completely secure environment. That is why our solution delivers bank grade security. We ensure every measure of layer of security is applied on the bot solution and is tested in various environments before delivering it to you

    During the challenging pandemic years, we could only trust our long term Managed Services Partner Progression. Progression team has implemented Disaster Recovery as a Service to us within 2 days during the lockdown period.
    Sourav Basu | VP - R&D | - CURADEV PHARMA