Opt-Out Policy


You can choose to opt out of receiving email from Progression at any time. You have a number of options for opting out of the different services we offer.

For any of the available options, if you wish to opt out with respect to more than one email address, you must provide a separate request for each email address.

To Unsubscribe From Our Communications

Progression also markets some of its own products and services by email. When Progression is the marketer, we will always be identified as such in the mailing’s content. Every email sent from Progression will include appropriate unsubscribe instructions. Opting out of email offers for a specific Progression service only opts you out of that service.

To Unsubscribe from Our Customers’ Communications

Our customers are solely responsible for their own marketing emails and other communications. We do provide an easy way for all customers to provide unsubscribe link within all their email communication. You can unsubscribe from our customers’ marketing communications by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link located on the bottom of their emails, or by contacting them directly.

Anti-Spam Policy

Our Acceptable Use Policy, applies to us and to our customers and, among other things, prohibits use of the Subscription Service to send unsolicited commercial email in violation of applicable laws, and requires the inclusion in every email sent using the Subscription Service an “opt-out” mechanism and other required information.

We require all of our customers to agree to adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy at all times, and any violations of the Policy by a customer can result in immediate suspension or termination of the Subscription Service.