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Make the most of your on-premise hardware with Progression

On-premise hardware offers an array of advantages in terms of processing power, adaptability, customization, and ease of access – however these features can only be taken advantage of if it is set up and configured in the optimum manner.

As a leading system integrators in the industry, Progression sets up your IT architecture to best match your resource requirements. The process followed by our team of experts is devised to cater to your specific needs. Optimization is at the core of everything we do – whatever IT takes!


3-steps to redefining your on-premise hardware

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    To get a clear idea of your business goals and requirements, as well as your expectations from your on-premise setup.

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    To model an IT architecture that meets your needs in the most optimum way, ensuring that you geta higher ROI – using our two-decades plus of expertise.

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    Continuous support and relevant supplementary services to ensure your IT is always up and running.

The infrastructure modelling done for your business is backed with optimized computing and network integration practices, and paired with incredibly short TATs – ensuring that a high-availability infrastructure for your business-critical applications is modelled quickly and efficiently.


Asses your business processes beyond DR implementations

  • Understanding your infrastructure

    Use the results of BIA to identify and implement ways of using technology to better support your business processes.

  • Analyzing company-wide risks

    Employ the results of the risk analysis of your DRP to perform a larger, company-wide risk assessment.

  • Documentation of IT

    Make your DRP an alternate source of your company’s IT documentation, in the event of your manuals being destroyed.

  • Charting key personnel

    Map your key personnel and keep their contact information handy at all times.

  • Planning and designing of products

    Utilize your DRP for product planning and design, or service design and delivery, and ensure disaster-proof new business activities.

Progression Managed IT & Cloud Services help you gain a competitive advantage. Let’s get started

Progression always accommodating our diverse needs and we feel like they are a part of our company rather than an external supplier.
John H. Bedard, Jr

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