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To get the best out of your IT for yourself and your customers, you need to choose the right solutions. Our experts boast an in-depth understanding of both current IT products and future technologies – helping you as an experienced IT consultant that can greatly accelerate your Digital Transformation.

Optimizing your IT can help you reduce costs, get higher efficiency from your existing resources, implement new supportive technologies, and ensure minimal downtime for your business operations. 

Progression’s consulting services can help you tailor the right IT strategy that suits your needs and meets your goals. Building blocks of your cloud strategy are crafted carefully by our experts, and then integrated to document a high-availability IT infrastructure.


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Our Key Services

The highest priority in a critical situation is getting your IT up and running – Progression follows a fix-first approach where our highest priority is restoring complete operations for your infrastructure, and then discussing prevention methodologies to stop such situations from ever arising again.

  • IT Assessment

    To create the perfect IT & Cloud strategy for your organization, we leave no stone unturned in examining the existing IT infrastructure of your organization. Followed by this, comprehensive reports are generated and pain-points are identified. 

    For organizations who have implemented new technologies, and are looking for an expert eye

  • Architecture Optimization

    Expanded and scaled IT operations require a complex infrastructure – that is nevertheless highly reliable. Progression uses class-apart optimization techniques to make your architecture more responsive and scalable.   

    For organizations with legacy hardware and software, who are looking to implement better IT practices

  • Data Center Development

    With our multi-locational enterprise-class data centers catering to industry leaders, we’re well equipped to help you set up your own. Progression employs battle-tested data center management practices. With mechanical systems, reliable UPS modules, on-site power generation, and component redundancy, we ensure minimum downtime of your data centers.

    For organizations looking to set up their own data centers or large high-availability on-premise resources

  • Risk Assessment

    Cutting-edge technology can help you get an edge over your competitors, but new technologies can be incredibly damaging if they are untested or improperly integrated. Our engineers set up proactive risk-detection and tackling processes, and provide you with a company-wide audit of potential risks – helping your business continuity. 

    For organizations who are using multiple technologies, platforms, and infrastructures in tandem, and need to ensure continuity.

Progression Managed IT & Cloud Services help you gain a competitive advantage. Let’s get started

During the challenging pandemic years, we could only trust our long term Managed Services Partner Progression. Progression team has implemented Disaster Recovery as a Service to us within 2 days during the lockdown period.
Sourav Basu | VP - R&D - CURADEV PHARMA

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