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Progression Infonet :The Story Behind our motto ‘Whatever IT takes’

It has taken us 17 years to get a tagline for ourselves. That’s weird, considering that the tagline: ‘whatever IT takes’ is exactly what we have been doing all this while. How did it all start?
All the long-timers at Progression Infonet clearly remember the incident around the time we were founded. We had been trying to get an MNC customer who was based in a remote area, very far away from where we were based. Our sales team would religiously meet up and follow up with them, as good sales people do. But it didn’t seem as if the company had any real need of cloud service providers. One day, out of the blue, the customer called, just as we were ready to call it a day. He needed support on some equipment which we had not supplied, and their vendor couldn’t reach the same day. The person in charge of the account had already left for home which was in the opposite part of the city. Some of us sat debating about having to travel to a really far off place, that too without the account head. This was back when there were no cellphones, and highways were not exactly smooth driving given the traffic and the state of the roads. End of workday, a tough drive ahead, and no account head…the inertia was obvious. Just then JB walked in and asked us what we were talking about. We shared the situation. Suffice it to say we got the telling of our lives; none of us forgets that evening how he thundered on us: “A customer needs us, and you are still here? You will go, pick the account head up, and meet the customer. NOW!”
That incident set in stone who we are today and our attitude to serving customers. It was the beginning of Whatever IT takes!
You won’t see a single person at Progression who doesn’t believe this in his or her soul. All customer calls are attended to, whatever time of the day, night or year. Customers get calls back within a few minutes of them writing in to us. And follow up calls to ensure the problem is rectified. All customers, big or small, gets this attention. We are trained for it, but then we also believe that it takes a certain type of person, an attitude that enables the training. Not every IT infra whiz makes it to our team, it has to be a person who believes in ‘customer first’.
When we say ‘customer first’ we also believe in delivering what we have committed to. There is no looking back.
Recently we helped one of our customers set up the IT infrastructure for their voice-based reservation desk. Once the project started, we realized that there were some new requirements that we hadn’t factored in, as they had not come up during our elaborate scoping discussions. Any other company would have quickly asked for a price hike, given the new scope of work.“We don’t do that at Progression. Once we have committed to something, we just go and do it,” says Abhinav Gaurav, the account manager. “Of course, we ran up some costs to ensure that we met our commitments. The commitment is more important than anything else.”Did the customer appreciate this attitude? The fact that we landed the phase II of the project which involved expansion of the network speaks volumes of what the customer thinks of us.
Another recent incident involved a server consolidation project which we deployed for a leading tech manufacturing company. We consolidated about 40 servers down to 3 physical ones. Nothing big there. However a challenge cropped up post deployment. It had to do with a business application that the company used to forecast and report its revenues. In their old setup, they could run tasks and get reports within 40 minutes of running a query. In the new virtualized setup, it first went up to 1.5 hours, and then it started taking longer and longer. This had a huge impact on the business as there are no room for such delays. We immediately escalated the problem to our principal for the virtualization core, while starting to do our own bit of troubleshooting. Two other parties were involved in this: the application company (an MNC) and an ISV involved in its deployment. And as all multiple party projects go, there was no one to take ownership even as the customer continued facing the issues. “We were responsible for the consolidation, so we had to take ownership,” says Deval Kulshrestha, the account manager. Our team identified the possible problem areas in the system, and proceeded to change the settings involved. And by the end of it, the process time dropped to just 20-22 minutes! We now have another super happy customer!
We call ourselves an IT infrastructure service provider, and we take each part of that description seriously, especially the service part. High touch and committed, that’s who we are. Night or day, rain or shine, server up or down, we will take your call and make sure we solve the problem. Whatever IT takes.
If you agree, do leave a comment below about your experience.
If you don’t, do leave a comment below about your experience. We would love to hear from you.

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