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Tech Leaders Golf 2016 Practice Sessions

“It was a lot of learning packed in one day!”
This statement from one of the CIOs at the Tech Leaders Golf 2016 sums up the day at Hamoni Golf Camp last Saturday.
It was a lot of learning, because in a few hours many of the CIOs and tech leaders new to golf learned not just to hit the ball off the tee, some off to the far end of the course, but also practiced their pitching and chipping. And it’s amazing that all of them kept diligently at it, mastering their stance, telling each other about loft and angles, and asking questions about clubs and strokes. The golf coaches patiently guided all the CIOs to do better with each stroke.

While playing, some of the participants couldn’t help but reference it to a sport they were familiar with. So we heard comparisons with cricket, and mentions of badminton and even table tennis! Well, as long as people were having fun and learning the game, anything goes!
A few CIOs also learnt that that they are out of condition and need to get to fitness routines! While a few others worried if their wrists would be sore the next day.
But given the excitement and the enthusiasm for Assisted Play that will happen next weekend, we think all the aches and pains will be forgotten.
Next week, we intend to ask CIOs how they relate golf to their work. Looking forward to some great insights from the greens!

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