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Tech Leaders Golf 2016 Kicks Off in Style

A beautiful sunny day. Greenery. Cool breeze. Fellow CIOs and colleagues. And a professional coach to show us the moves.
That, in short, describes what happened on the weekend at Tech Leaders Golf 2016.
CIOs of India, Progression Infonet and Veeam are hosting the Tech Leaders Golf 2016, the event for CIOs in NCR to not just initiate Golf as a sport but to build lifelong relationships, like the game itself and skills that we will need lifelong. The event kicked off on Feb 21, 2016 at Hamoni Golf Driving Range & Academy, Gurgaon, with all the CIOs participating with great enthusiasm and energy.
The event began with the CIOs being introduced to golf basics, rules, clubs and how to play long shots and putting. A professional golf coach took them through the details. And then all the CIOs practiced their shots. It was great camaraderie and learning in action.
After the coaching and practice sessions, it was time for refreshments.
Mr JB Hooda, Co-Founder and Director, Progression Infonet spoke about the idea behind the event and why it was important for CIOs to also let down their hair a bit from time to time! Mr Hardeep Singh of Veeam then introduced new technologies and products that ensure high availability for business critical applications.
The group will now meet next Saturday, Feb 27, 2016 for another round of practice and learning basic techniques of pitching and chipping fundamentals.

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