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The Preferred Cloud Partner for SAP HANA Hosting by a Leading Steel Manufacturer

We are pleased to announce that Progression has been chosen as the preferred cloud partner for Managed Private Hosting for SAP HANA by a leading steel manufacturer from Haryana.Known for manufacturing Alloy S...

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What Does it Take to Deploy a Successful Private Cloud

According to a blog by Gartner’s Tom Bittman, private clouds are failing! He asked 140 respondents who had private clouds in place, “What was going wrong with their private cloud?” A whopping 95% said that ther...

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Cloud Adoption Up, and Growing, say survey reports

Cloud adoption is growing in India. And as one of the leading cloud service providers, we see that in the market. But then we are not the only ones saying that. Forrester Consulting’s survey of 1220 Indian corp...