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How Millennials are Speeding up Cloud Adoption

While the tech and enterprise industries always discuss the benefits of cloud adoption in terms of scalability, availability and cost, there is yet another driving force which is pushing companies to adopt clou...

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Companies Adopting Cloud Worry Less About Their IT

The cloud has thrown up compelling concerns such as security, privacy and reliability which are difficult to ignore. But companies that have adopted cloud do not worry much about these issues. In fact, accordin...

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Why CIOs will get Cloud Savvier in 2015

The past few years have been about Cloud: hype and hoopla, growth and confusion, price cuts and commoditization. And 2015 will also be about Cloud. But we think this year will be different. This year, CIOs and ...

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Cloud Adoption Up, and Growing, say survey reports

Cloud adoption is growing in India. And as one of the leading cloud service providers, we see that in the market. But then we are not the only ones saying that. Forrester Consulting’s survey of 1220 Indian corp...

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