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A Disruptive Change Agent: SAP HANA

CIOs of India, HPE and Progression co-hosted an event on the adoption of SAP HANA.  The event, A Disruptive Change Agent: SAP HANA, held on April 27, 2016, saw CIOs, heads of IT, tech consultants and senior members from corporate IT teams come together to learn about the new platform and discuss SAP HANA implementation in detail.
Mr Kamal Karnatak, Group CIO of RJ Corp, and VP – CIOs of India, welcomed the audience and set the context for the event. He invited Mr Raman JS Dhooria, Director-Sales, S/4HANA GPO Lead, SAP to introduce SAP HANA to the audience. Mr Dhooria explained SAP’s vision for the enterprise, Run Simple. He talked about how SAP helps CIOs streamline their processes, so they have the agility to create new growth opportunities for their business. He also highlighted that the CIOs were the real change agents, and SAP HANA was the right platform to enable the changes they want to effect in their organizations.
Mr Dhooria also believes that India is the number one country worldwide in S/4 HANA adoption. This was appreciated greatly by the audience. Mr Dhooria said that Mangalam Cement is the first organization to opt for this implementation, and Progression’s client Vectus is the second.

Mr Karnatak then invited Mr Pankaj Ghai, HPE’s Country Product Manager for Business Critical Servers, Analytics and HANA Solutions, to talk about HPE solutions for SAP HANA. Mr Ghai spoke about the tectonic shifts happening in the organization. One of the shifts is that with increasing customer expectation from mission critical processes, x86 platforms would occupy a larger place within the enterprise, while the focus on the mainframe would decrease. Secondly, the growing adoption of convergence and integrated systems was a game changer, said Mr Ghai. Another game changer is the powerful crossbar technology, which enables organizations to take some components from say, an HP-UX environment, and fortify the Linux and Windows environments with them to enable them to support mission critical requirements.
Mr Ghai then introduced HPE Solutions for SAP HANA, that deliver a “total systems experience” that dramatically simplifies IT, for the foundation companies need to become a real-time enterprise. HPE ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA is the ideal solution for analytics and data warehousing, as well as smaller business application environments, he said. HPE ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA delivers massive capacity and extreme availability for the largest SAP HANA environments, including large data warehouses and business applications.
He also said that HP is the only vendor that has the full suite of offerings, from the hardware to the services for each SAP HANA Deployment model, such as:

  • Appliance: HP ConvergedSystem 500/900 for SAP HANA portfolio
  • Tailored Datacenter Integration: Compute and Storage blocks
  • Cloud: HP Enterprise Services hosted HANA as a Service / HANA IaaS

After Mr Ghai’s presentation, Mr JB Hooda, Co-Founder and Director, Progression Infonet spoke to the audience about SAP HANA implementation Progression had already completed for its clients. “We make it simpler for our clients to acquire, implement and manage infra for SAP HANA,” said Mr Hooda.
Mr Lalit Madan of Lumax, who was seated among the audience, spoke about how they had completed their SAP on HANA implementation in a record time of 42 days, though their rollout plan was for 3 months!
Mr Sunil Sirohi, Senior Vice President-Technology Services Organization, NIIT, and President, CIOs of India, gave the vote of thanks.
With the technical part of the presentation done with, it was then time for corporate trainer and social entrepreneur, Mr Nitin Khanna to take over, and run the audience through a facilitated workshop on enabling personal transformation through disruptive change. It was an eye-opening workshop for many in the audience.
The evening came to an end over cocktails and dinner. It was an evening that underlined the fact that as people and as parts of enterprises, we are in the throes of great change and we need a great mindset and some great technologies to successfully ride the waves of change.

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