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DRaaS & RIMM: Better Together

While Remote Infrastructure Monitoring and Management (RIMM) is all about getting Real-time updates on your IT’s performanceheads up on any unusual activity on IT assets, and back-end shielding against all manner of threats, DRaaS is about tech deployment and DR tools to protect business workloads, be it physical or virtual, on-premises or off-premise (Public Cloud) to ensure that business is best protected at all times. It gives an organization a total system backup that ensures faster BAU in the event of system failure. 

Recent transitions in working practices are now presenting organizations with new challenges in keeping their data safe while allowing remote workers to access it easily. Organisations practicing the culture of remote working should have secure and regular backup provisions in place for their data to be centralised and stored in one place. Also, it is essential to review your infrastructure’s health time to time and ensure your servers & other network components are always up and running. 

The 3 advantages that you have, when you look at the RIMM and DRaaS together are: 

1. Manage your business continuity, remotely

Working with a distributed workforce as shown by the recent pandemic situation, has lead to increased demand for your IT infrastructure. For example, if your organization’s infra is not equipped to handle fluctuating usage, the entire system could be severely affected, causing downtime and financial loss. If your Managed Services Partner provides RIMM and DRaaS boththey monitor your infrastructure remotely and manage the resources & performance to ensure your business runs smoothly. While RIMM takes the proactive approach in keeping check on any bottlenecks in your IT infrastructure, DRaaS makes sure that in case of any major disruption there is a business continuity plan in place and serves as a secondary infrastructure while the primary infrastructure undergoes repair. 

2. Your IT team can focus on core operations

DRaaS and RIMM simplify IT management and free up your IT team to take up strategic aspects of the functionFurthermore, when the operational aspects are taken up by the MSP, the organization is empowered to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives & gain competitive advantage.  

 3. Cost-effective for organizations 

Leveraging the MSP for DRaaS & RIMM enables you to move from CAPEX model to OPEX model. Opting for a reliable RIMM vendor for your IT landscape is better than managing the in-house team, particularly when your business locations are distributed across different geographies and time-zones. Additionally, owning your data recovery solution adds additional costs of IT infrastructure, connectivity, IT staff, and so on.  

Investing in a Right MSP Builds Resilience 

Across sectors, experts are calling for critical investments in resilient infrastructures. They believe it is the only solution to mitigate after-effects of disasters and help better in the recovery process. When adverse events occur, it calls for enhanced management and investment of infrastructure resilience as more extreme events are likely to increase in the future. These would include natural calamities, equipment failures, human errors, and other factors.  

In other words, a good MSP should enable your business throughout all times – by having both RIMM and DRaaS together. 

Progression ensures streamlined business operations by reducing your expenditure on IT infrastructure maintenance. By choosing our RIMM services to making informed IT decisions and avoiding performance bottlenecks – we enable and empower your business. 

Progression focuses on two factors – optimization and high availability – every step of the way. The idea of being delivered a better quality of service with minimal downtime to your enterprise, through the gamut of Progression’s twin services of RIMM and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). An expert Managed Services Provider can help guide you further through the process of selecting what solution makes more sense for your current and future business needs.  

Reach out to learn more about pairing Remote Monitoring with DRaaS and implement pre-emptive Backup & Disaster Recovery measures – ensure your system is always up and running. 


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