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Rehearsal Play Gets CIOs in Tournament Mode

The northern heat wave has already begun to soar over 40 degrees. One would think that the heat would play spoilsport at the Rehearsal Tournament held at Manesar Club, IMT Manesar, last Sunday. However, our Tech Leaders made light of the heat and went about happily playing their 9 holes, improving their shots, and encouraging their team mates.
The day began with everyone gearing up early to reach the Golf Course on time. Amidst that, everyone seemed quite curious with their goody bags and trying out their brand new golf shoes and other golfing gear like gloves, caps and Tshirts. Col. Gulati, General Manager, Manesar Club engaged the CIO turned golfers with a short refresher course about the basics of golf rules and etiquettes and scoring on score cards.

Looking every bit a true golfer and ready to tee off, each of the CIOs headed to the respective holes for their tee-offs. With only a short stop for refreshments, the rehearsal play continued, till everyone had completed 9 holes. One sprightly team even completed 14 holes, while the others called it a day and headed for some refreshing drinks and lunch.
Each player kept score of his/her team members using the score card provided. By the end of play, each participant got to learn his or her handicap for the course. (Handicap is a way for golfers with different levels of playing skill to be evenly matched, allowing less skilled golfers to have more strokes.)
We caught up with some CIOs to find out about their experience and if they had any tips for aspiring golfers.
Most of the participants of Tech Leaders Golf have taken to the game like fish to water. They even form their own groups and go golfing whenever they can on weekends. The key to the game, as in all other sports, is practice, they said. Many said their game has improved in the past weeks and now there is far more consistency in their shots. Now all are looking forward to the final Tournament day on April 10th.

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