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The Real Value that Comes with a Managed Services Provider

In today’s day and age, every business now relies heavily on their IT Infrastructure to be the primary enabler in terms of daily operations. Having an in-house IT Infrastructure is a double edged sword, while it may give you the complete control over your IT, it also comes with the possibilities of heavy losses should there be a case of IT failure or server downtime.

IT downtime is a critical event that runs businesses of all kinds into heavy losses and also comes with loss of productivity, major dent to the reputation of a business in the market and amongst the shareholders.

The rise of Managed Services over the years is credited to the increasing importance being given to it by the businesses that have been on a continual transformation path by leveraging these Managed Services.

Let’s understand the real value that comes with Managed Services:

1. Maximize Performance & Minimize Downtime:

An ideal Managed Services Provider will ensure that you focus on your core strength & gain competitive advantage while the MSP works 24/7 proactively to ensure Business Continuity for you. Additionally, with 24×7 Remote Infrastructure Monitoring & Management, the MSP empowers you with peace of mind and a single pane of glass through which you can check the performance of your network components, Data Center, and the entire IT infra from anywhere, anytime.

Moreover the ideal MSP will also offer Professional Services & Break-fix offerings for one-off services you might need in scenarios where either your IT personnel are not available or there is a critical issue that can be resolved quickly by the experts. Lastly, backups can be taken either on different premises or on cloud so that your information, data & systems are safe should there be a cause of worry in any unforeseen situations.

2. Optimize your IT Budget

With a Managed Services Provider in the picture, your IT budget gets optimized as per your actual needs & usage. Instead of spending a standard amount regardless of the fact if IT infra is being under consumed or spending considerable amount when there is a one-off incident of heavy consumption, the MSP comes with the flexibility of the expenditure. Essentially you migrate from the CAPEX model to the OPEX model where you pay for what you use, when you use.

Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can especially benefit from Managed Services. Most SMBs do not have an on-premise IT professional to cover the entire landscape of ever expanding IT in the era of digital transformation. With the Managed Services Provider in picture, SMBs can optimize their manpower cost, ensure Business Continuity and protect valuable information.

To ensure that your IT is a business enabler and not an obstacle, reach out to us for complete assessment & consultation of your IT landscape. Let Progression be the partner you need to gain competitive advantage.

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