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Progression Celebrates 20 Years of whatever IT takes

It was a great Saturday evening at Unitech Patio in September, when everyone at Progression came together to celebrate the completion of 20 years of the company. What was remarkable was a sizeable percentage of the gathering had spent well over 5 years in the company! In fact the list of people who received awards for completing 5 years, 10 years and 15 years was very long, remarked Harmeet Singh Kalra, an ex-employee who was the master of ceremonies for the event. “It is unheard of in this industry, where people keep changing jobs every couple of years!” he said.

The evening began with an address by JB Hooda and Rohit Luthra, Co-Founders and Directors of Progression, congratulating every one present and acknowledging the extended support the company has received from the families of their employees. JB and Rohit highlighted that it was the quality of relationships maintained through the years by everyone at Progression, be it with clients, or each other, or partners, that was significant in this two decade journey.
The event’s highlight was the awards ceremony. Special awards given away included Healthy Living Promoter, Go-to Guy, Pop Culture Pro, High Spirit, Photographic Memory, Cool Headed, Dark Knight, Rookie of the Year. Winners of whatever IT takes contest also won prizes. Through the year, people sent in incidents that reflected their whatever IT takes attitude to serve their clients, and a special award was given away for the best story.
The event saw performances by Progression’s team and their families. This was followed by some great dancing, cocktails and dinner.
Team Progression now looks forward to its 21st year!