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The Role of the Right MSP in SAP Managed Services

As cloud migrations have been a major part of technological development, so has been the adoption of SAP which has led organizations to utilize the benefits of a Managed Services Partner to manage & host their SAP infrastructure. Moreover, managing the tools in the SAP environment, upgrading database regularly, the applications, platforms in a cost-effective manner requires the service of an MSP for better performance and outcome.

MSPs supporting the services of SAP landscape should ideally deliver SAP infrastructure services on-cloud, data storage, backup and disaster recovery and a complete range of other IT related services for SAP. This helps organizations to concentrate on their business growth and leave the part of managing cloud services and SAP environment to an MSP.

Cost savings and increased efficiency is one of the primary reasons for customers to utilise an MSP. They provide services like SAP cloud migration and cloud scaling where business can handle a hybrid landscape – shifting between on-cloud and on-premises and still save on costs.

Benefits of an MSP managing SAP environment

  1. Strategic Planning: MSPs also offer SAP forecasting and predictive analysis capabilities which helps customers make better budget and precise resource planning. Past utilization and predictive analysis of use of resource can help organization make informed budget decisions.
  2. SAP Basis Support: MSPs also offer SAP Basis, a super critical and foundation of SAP support. This ensures smooth running of SAP environment and enable business continuity.
  3. Additional Services: An MSP provides value added services and manages things like multiple commercial relationships for responsibilities like SAP maintenance, support and hosting with SAP cloud managed services. It also provides annual maintenance service for SAP, which is a flexible structure enabling businesses to support their IT and business objectives.
  4. Focus on Core Business: An MSP helps to take off the stress and makes you focus better on your critical business operations by handling all the IT infrastructure and IT related issues by a team of experts, giving you more time to concentrate on your business strategies.

Progression is globally awarded Managed Services Partner for your SAP application. Below are some of the benefits your organization can derive when partnering with Progression:


  • With the help of Remote Infrastructure Monitoring and Management (RIMM), Progression can monitor your SAP Application and Databases saving your time which can be utilised for other tasks.
  • Progression offers all the Monitoring Parts for SAP Application and databases 24/7 like RFC monitoring, Client monitoring, Job monitoring, DB replication monitoring, Backup and log monitoring, Table spaces monitoring and many more which are performed manually.
  • Progression’s 24X7 monitoring with various threshold values covering all major aspects is boon in daily day to day work without any manual effort, alert is generated as per the set threshold for all monitoring components therefore reducing the time in analysing and identifying the root cause.

SAP Database Monitoring

  • Apart from all SAP Application monitoring Progression can monitor all the databases as well. All DATABASES like HANA, ORACLE, DB2, SYBASE ASE, etc. can be monitored with RIMM very efficiently 24X7.
  • All the important parameters like successful DB and Log backup , Table spaces, Memory status, replication status, DB locks, DB license status, etc. can be drawn from the RIMM sensor very efficiently 24X7.

For more than 10 years, we have been deploying and managing the entire SAP technical environments. As an SAP managing partner, Progression helps to maximize your SAP solutions and build upon your existing SAP investment and also ensure that your critical applications perform optimally. Our SAP experts and technical team provide 24X7 support to ensure that your system is up and running for your critical applications to perform optimally.

To know more about our SAP Managed Services and how Progression can contribute in your business as an IT Partner, reach out to us today!


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