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Why This is the Right Time to Migrate to SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4 HANA is now one of the top most sought after ERPs in the world. The unprecedented advantage it offers to the users has been one of the many reasons that it has gained popularity quickly and the adoption rate is now higher than it has ever been. With the rising technologies such as AI, Machine Learning & Big Data Analytics, need for agile, efficient & reliable ERP has only fuelled SAP S4/HANA’s adoption.

Let us understand why this is the right time for your business to migrate to SAP S/4HANA:

Real-time Analytics:

Boasting of one of the most advanced analytics currently in the market, SAP S/4HANA ensures faster service delivery as well as resolution & mitigation of process-related errors. Due to the fact that everything is happening in real-time, the top management & decision makers can swiftly fetch relevant information & take timely important decisions.

The platform also comes with numerous features and functionalities to nurture the growth objectives of your business enabling Digital Transformation.

Unmatchable Scalability:

Businesses are meant to grow, and inherently, every decision maker constantly looks for & plans growth. Be it horizontal expansion or vertical, the IT Infrastructure needs to be scaled to support business growth. While many businesses would happily bet on their legacy ERP Systems, the pace it which Digital Transformation is spreading, legacy systems soon will be obsolete. SAP S/4HANA is meant to be your business enabler with its trait of perfectly synchronizing the platform with the pace of your expansion or growth. Experience Scalability like no other SAP S/4HANA, which becomes even better & more seamless with the right Managed Services Provider managing it for you.

Avoid the Last Moment Pressure:

It has been made categorically clear by SAP that they are not investing in the older version of SAP, i.e. SAP ECC anymore. The year when they also stop supporting SAP ECC and it becomes obsolete is 2027, which is less than 5 years away now. On the other hand, SAP S/4HANA is getting constant, consistent & performance upgrades, which only gives its clients competitive advantage over others.

A large section of SMBs & enterprises have already planned their migration plans, so availability of skilled consultants and Managed Service Providers to help you migrate will keep getting reduced. The earlier you start your process to migrate to SAP S/4HANA, the better it is for you do it strategically and have a distruption-free experience.

The Right MSP Makes the Biggest Difference:

While as beneficial SAP S/4HANA as it may sound, it is tricky initially to set it up, and experience seamless performance specially in the initial stages. The right Managed Services Provider(MSP) makes a huge difference here. Be it On-Premise deployment or on Cloud, it is imperative that you choose the right hardware & the right environment for it to run at its peak performance. Choosing the right MSP can give you that extra push in Digital Transformation to win advantage over your competition.

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