Leveraging the Cloud for a very cost effective Disaster Recovery

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Customer retention is essential for any business. It can be impacted by a substantial downtime. Every business needs a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to ensure maximum uptime, even in worst case scenarios. When developing a DR Plan, it is essential to evaluate whether Traditional DR or Cloud based DR is better for your company. In the fifth and final blog of the series ‘Understanding Disaster Recovery’, we will look at how Cloud Disaster Recovery is superior to Traditional Disaster Recovery. Know more about Why your business needs a disaster recovery plan here and how it helps your business beyond disaster recovery here.

Traditional Disaster Recovery

Traditional DR employs an in-house or third party secondary DR site with an IT infrastructure similar to your business site and a network that connects the two. When a disaster strikes, the DR location is triggered automatically or manually during failover. Once the infrastructure at the DR site is live with the necessary OS, applications, and data, the company can start using its systems again.

However, this leads to significant costs as your company has to maintain and run two distinct sites at all times. It also has to estimate its IT and DR requirements for the next few years and develop the DR site keeping future requirements in mind. This means that the entire infrastructure present at the DR site has to be paid for today, even though your company will only use it in the future. This makes scaling up or down a costly affair as both the sites will require replacements. Also, DR, like all specialized services, requires expertise and tools, which your company would have to constantly spend resources acquiring, training and retaining, even though you will only be utilizing them during disasters.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery services provide virtual or physical replicas of the physical or virtual servers present at the primary Data Centre. Businesses pay only for data synchronization, application storage and snapshots between the primary and the DR site. In the event of a disaster, virtual machines at the DR site are quickly brought online and your company can start using its systems in a matter of a few minutes/hours. The DR service provider also provides any extra resources your company might need during a DR.

AttributeTraditional DRCloud DR
CostHigh CAPEX required setting up a DR site.Only pay for resources you use.
Expertise/PPLExpertise needs to be acquired, trained and retained by your company.DRaaS service provider offers expertise and latest tools as a part of their contract.
Industry Level SLAThe infrastructure is owned and managed by company itself. No SLAs signed here.Service Provider ensures a level of service during a disaster as per SLA signed with the company.
SecurityThe company has to bear the cost of expertise and tools required for Data Security.The service provider delivers the expertise and tools for data security and handling breaches.
World Class infrastructureThe infrastructure is procured by the company, which makes setting up a World Class Infrastructure very expensive.The service provider sets up a World Class Infrastructure to provide Cloud DR to multiple businesses.
Assurance/Peace of MindDR is managed by the company itself.DR is managed by the service provider, who ensures a service level during disaster, giving you the peace of mind that your company can get back on track quickly.

Cloud DR removes the cost and difficulty in working with prolonged data backup & recovery and replicating IT infrastructures. Businesses only pay for resources they use, decreasing operational costs and providing businesses the flexibility to employ additional resources whenever required. Cloud DR offers low recovery times and minimal data loss, making it the best option for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We at Progression work with cutting edge Cloud Technologies to provide cost–effective DR services. We provide DRaaS at our own and leading third-party Data Centres across Gurgaon, Chennai and Mumbai currently as well as AWS and Azure.  Over the years, we have provided DRaaS to many of our marquee clients, You can read about case studies here. To find out more about how we can help protect your business, please leave us your contact details here or call us at +91-124-6670100.

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