Leveraging Remote Infrastructure Monitoring & Management for Modern IT Assets

Leveraging Remote Infrastructure Monitoring & Management for Modern IT Assets


Most of the larger associations work across geographies with various functional areas distributed efficiently across different locations. The IT infra that shapes the base of these activities are likewise dispersed across locations to help different departments of an organization. Hosting systems require a good level of maintenance is one key part of the business, which may include maintaining critical hardware, guaranteeing timely updates to systems and seamless network and workstation support. Every enterprise requires versatility and cost savvy it management.

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Here the idea of remote infrastructure monitoring and management services (RIMM) ventures in.

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RIMM helps in managing the IT infrastructure centrally with greater coordination and ease of maintenance. Most importantly the transparency gives the executives peace of mind as IT assets can now be managed remotely.

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With RIMM errors and server issues can be managed efficiently also additionally, upgrade proficiency of networks and IT administrators with real-time information and alerting can be handled.

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The offerings of RIMM are:

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RIMM—A single pane of glass for real-time monitoring anywhere anytime offers the following benefits to businesses:

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Security as the most important aspect:

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The basic activity for any organization in today’s rapidly shifting environment is the method for shielding key resources and business insights. RIMM addresses the concern by offering expertise support. RIMM security services thoroughly manages security infra under persistent monitoring of experienced security experts who can guarantee confidentiality, integrity and 24/7 availability of information resources, data and administrations. The key highlights of RIMM security services include round-the-clock security monitoring, centralized security infra management, timely evaluation of security threats and tightened security.

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RIMM security features offer different business benefits as:

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  • Keeping the security features up to date which minimizes the  business risks
  • By shielding from the threats
  • Deployment of the industry’s benchmark evaluation devices for analyzing security threats
  • Enhanced administration through innovative activities
  • Alerting for any strange activity on IT assets as in case of threats
  • Service delivery being IT infrastructure library (ITIL) consistent
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Remote Infrastructure Monitoring & Management (RIMM) Cases:

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  • One of the leading suppliers of automotive electronic products was facing an issue of breakdown and malfunctioning of the IT assets. Due to this the organization experienced irregular downtimes affecting the business. It costed the company time, money and efforts of the concerned teams. RIMM gave them a single dashboard view so that they can keep a track of health of all the systems 24×7 in real-time from anyplace through the web or mobile application. Now this organization acts proactively before any serious critical impact or on suspicious activity by analyzing the trends and alerts.
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  • A leading power system manufacturer was facing network and infra breakdown issues. The critical elements batteries, air conditioners, free cooling, and generators were not on well-developed management systems attracting large operational costs.  With RIMM, the company is able to harness the information to take automatic corrective actions increasing their operational efficiency. The single dashboard view of their it assets offers a quick resolution in every situation. The reports on the infrastructure helps them make decisions to enhance their performance.
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Progression—The Right Partner For RIMM

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We offer comprehensive infrastructure monitoring by deploying 1000+ sensors covering all infrastructure monitoring. Flexible alerting is provided to customers, offering status alert, limit alerts, threshold alerts and more. The informative and easy dashboard provides the bird’s eye view of the entire infrastructure. The infrastructure uptime report can be generated for any custom period. Progression provides the mobile & web based monitoring portal which can help keep track of the client’s infra giving total visibility of the environment. 24×7 availability of service desk and the availability of NOC team ensuring monitoring & management services. RIMM service from Progression would enable the organization find problems and resolve them before they critically impact business. The added advantage is the peace of mind and full transparency for the businesses. Progression offers an all in one single-point solution for companies seeking speed, efficiency, and innovation of their IT assets.

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