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It’s the Era of Always-on Businesses

Available, round the clock

On being asked upon the importance of business to always be on, this is what IT heads had to say.

Mr Harish Aswani, AVP, Su-Kam said, “A company cannot survive if the business is not running on a continuous basis. It is vital to keep the business on, 24×7.” Mr. B.B. Mukherjee, General Manager IT from Hero Motors, also echoed this thought.

Business Continuity

“Being a global giant in automobiles, it has become a necessity to be online round the clock,” said Mr. Devender, Head IT, Suzuki Motorcycle. “It is critical to keep business always available for our engineers who are our internal customers” said Mr. Prabhat Kiran, Chief -Information Management and Technology, SK E&C. Prabhat Kiran, Chief-IT, SK E&C Back up and recovery challenges

With being always available becoming a key necessity, the focus is then on backups and recovery.

Companies are very particular about back up and recovery based issues. With back up servers and software in place, they need 24×7 high availability for their databases and applications. But they face some constraints.

Mr Devender said that they try to revamp their back up and recovery setups at regular intervals, because of the complexities and cost constraints. It then becomes important to have systems that reduce the complexity, and do not cost a packet. Mr Kiran spoke about issues related to handling the volume of backup, with a key requirement to not take repeat backups. The event covered new backup and storage technologies from HP and Veeam to help companies have a hassle-free always-on IT infrastructure. Working with a reliable service provider

Progression has been helping customers with their backup ad storage architecture, systems, maintenance and administration. Now we also have a cloud-based Disaster Recovery service. We follow our “Whatever IT takes” philosophy to solve our clients’ problems.

Devender, Suzuki Motorcycle

Mr. Devender said, “We appreciate the continuous support provided by Progression. Progression has been a reliable service provider for us.” B.B Mukherjee, Hero Motor Mr. Mukherjee spoke about his company’s long association with Progression since 1991 and said “It’s been two decades of working with Progression. We have always received complete support.” Mr. Kiran agreed with this. He said, “Progression has been a dependable source. There have been times when we needed immediate support and Progression has never disappointed us. Their skillful and knowledgeable team has always made things easier for us.” Visit-Our-Data-Center_Blue

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