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“Golf is a game of deep concentration”

This was the refrain we heard last weekend from tech leaders at Teri Golf Course. Tech Leaders Golf 2016 continued to its third and fourth days with some of the participants getting a real taste of play on the 9-hole golf course, while the others perfected their swings at the driving range.
If you don’t have total concentration, you won’t be able to play, said one of the participants. You won’t even hit the ball if you are worried that others are watching you, said another.
Other participants also echoed the same thought. They also added that the game was simply not about power or strength; it was more about applying logic. They also said that body language also matters immensely to be able to play well.

It was a day of good shots as well as not as good shots. But everyone kept practising, kept hitting, missing and hitting again. This time too, there were aching backs, sore wrists and bruises. And warnings to one another about the aches that would show up the day after!
Many of the participants have long wanted to ease into the game, but hadn’t found the right opportunity so far. So it was great to see them enjoy every minute of the play.
The participants playfully admonished the others that the health benefits they would reap from the long walks on the course would be lost with the (yummy) snacking that happened after the play.
There was a lot of playful bantering with jokes about Assisted Play being really “caddy-assisted play” as balls that went into hazards found their way back mysteriously to the greens.
As the evening came to a close, JB Hooda took the opportunity to speak to the participants about Progresssion’s CSR initiative of encouraging people to shun plastic, and switch to glass bottles and canvas bags for their daily use. This was well received by the tech leaders, many of whom already contribute in similar ways to the cause of the environment.
Tech Leaders Golf 2016 will continue with Assisted Play and practice on the course over the coming weekend.

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