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What is similar between golf, technology and CIOs?

The CIOs who participated in the HPE – Accelerate Your Hybrid IT Journey know the answer! With two days of technology sessions, round tables and introduction to golf, amidst cheering, laughter and bonding, CIOs interacted with the Progression and HPE teams to understand and share how they can ‘Accelerate their Hybrid IT Journey’.

Using golf as a backdrop, engaging conversations and discussions started with the high tea with HPE. The fun-filled program kicked off with a detailed overview of how golf and technology have learning parallels. The exciting agenda was shared with the participants.

The keynote address by Mr. Sanjay Srivastava, Director, HPE was not only informative but also insightful with a technology overview of emerging IT trends. This was followed by a technical session by Mr. Hursh Chetan, HPE.
After an insightful session with Sanjay and Hursh, the CIOs were introduced to the game of golf. Enthusiastic teams took the coaching workshop and asked interesting questions on the rules and techniques. As the day came to a close, CIOs got ready to enjoy a relaxed evening over dinner. The evening was sprinkled with funny anecdotes and customer stories.
While Day One started with technology, Day Two started on the greens! Teams geared up for the Longest Shot Competition followed by Putting Competition. From improving their stance to practicing aiming, participants tried to learn while playing. On the greens, you could smell camaraderie and competition in equal measure.
The games exhibited the strategic outlook of the participants while rewarding the ones who could balance their calm and poise! After testing the mental and physical strength, the brainpower of the participants was tickled by a special Golf Quiz. Discussions on Hybrid IT continued at the roundtable led by Hursh Chetan, Kushal Roy and Bharath Mohan Krishna to sit, reflect and interact on the subject. This was followed by the eagerly awaited awards function and lunch.
The winning Team 2 of Arun Kathpatia, J.B. Hooda, Saloni Mohan, R.N. Tyagi and Sanjay Rao were cheered by the entire group.
The runners-up Team 1 of Atul Govil, Harish Chandra, Joybrata, Naresh Pathak and Joydeep also received a round of applause.
Two days. CIOs. HPE. Progression. Technology and Golf. In a nutshell, fun, networking and many many memorable stories!

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