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Tech Leaders Golf 2016 – Winners All

It was a sunny, breezy and a warm April day when 36 avid golfers teed off to play 9 holes in the First Tech Leaders Golf Tournament 2016.
What makes these CIOs play golf in 38 degrees? More importantly, what is it that has brought them back week after week to play golf?
Probably it’s the realization that it’s a game you play against yourself. And every week saw the participants get better and better at play.
Tech Leaders Golf 2016 began just as an idea, took shape and then drew to a magnificent close last Sunday with the CIOs playing their best shots to participate in the friendly Tournament. It was a day of some great play on the fairway and greens through the sand bunkers and water hazards.

Nine teams teed off to a gunshot start at the Manesar Golf Course after getting a quick brief on the tournament rules and in course competitions for the closest to pin, central line and longest drive. There was much cheering among the teams, encouraging each other to take better aim, or improve their stance, or choose the right club. CIOs also diligently kept scores of their team mates.
As the play progressed, the families of the tech leaders tried their hands at putting, squash and table tennis. No one, especially the kids, seemed to mind that it was a hot day. A putting competition was organized for the kids as well as the ladies and hampers were given away to the winners.
The teams completed their 9-hole play by noon. And everyone reached the Club restaurant for refreshments and snacks. As the CIOs relaxed a bit, Mr. Hardeep Singh from Veeam took the opportunity to throw around some questions regarding backup and availability. And a short discussion on methods and tools used by CIOs followed.
By this time, the strokes were tallied, and winners were decided. And then came the prize distribution ceremony. Prizes were given away for the Winner (lowest number of strokes), First Runner-up and Second Runner Up. There were also prizes for the longest drive, the shot closest to the pin, and the shot closest to the center line. Each participant was also given a memento of the event. There was much clapping and cheering. And we heard many CIOs committing to continue playing golf, though the event had come to a close.
It has been a great eight weeks of golfing, camaraderie, bonding and cheering. We, at Progression, are deeply grateful to Veeam and CIOs of India to have been our partners in hosting this event.
Looking forward to the next edition of Tech Leaders Golf!

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