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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS): Now Available to All Businesses

There was a time when Disaster Recovery services were mostly for companies running extremely mission critical applications like banks and stock exchanges. But then every business needs to have a DR strategy in place. What if there is a massive earthquake? North India has seismic zones ranging from Zone 2 to Zone 5, which is the highest level of seismicity. What is there is a fire, or terror attack, or something else?
Can your business come to a stop? No. Especially, if you have customers spread across geographies.
But, a DR implementation often means latest storage and replication technologies, and primary, secondary and tertiary centers (depending on the criticality of the apps running). Quite an expensive proposition. It also requires trained staff to man the show.
The prohibitive costs of such DR setups have discouraged many enterprises from really exploring DR for their businesses. But not anymore. Welcome to DR as a Service from Progression. We have the latest storage technologies, the best replication software and processes, and the primary and secondary data centres. Your business uptime in case of disaster becomes our headache. You define your business objectives and we help define it in terms of IT/Recovery options such as Recovery Point Objective / Real Time Output requirements.
Why opt for disaster recovery services from Progression? Minimal capital expenditure, guaranteed uptime, DR objectives delivered as per SLAs, peace of mind.
It’s risky running a business without a DR implementation. Shift the risk to us, and get back to work. It’s as simple as that.
What are the key challenges related to DR for you? Leave a note below.

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