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Companies Adopting Cloud Worry Less About Their IT

The cloud has thrown up compelling concerns such as security, privacy and reliability which are difficult to ignore. But companies that have adopted cloud do not worry much about these issues. In fact, according to the new Microsoft-sponsored 451 Research survey, companies that have “broadly implemented” cloud services are likely to pour over 75 percent of their applications into the cloud.
Peace of Mind
In the era of always-on business, it has become a necessity to be online around the clock. A company can’t afford to have extended downtime. As Mr Harish Aswani, AVP, Su-Kam puts it, “A company cannot survive if the business is not running on a continuous basis. It is vital to keep the business on, 24×7”.
Along with downtime, another major reason stated by the respondents in the 451 Research survey about cloud adoption was a desire to “improve technology’s quality”. Having understood the impact of downtime and the quality of technology deployed, companies have realized that a cloud vendor can do a much better job of providing infrastructure than their own IT department.
High Appetite for Cloud
As per Giri Girdhar, Member of the India Board, Merck Sharpe & Dohme, “The appetite for cloud is today greater than before. Even the banking sector which deals with highly confidential data is already moving things to cloud. So, there is no reason an organization will shy away from moving things to cloud, even if they are critical.” Companies that are on cloud want to run more applications because they understand the advantages associated with it.
The advantages of cloud are not just limited to cost and scalability. There is a far greater advantage a company gets when it outsources its IT to experts. This point was emphasized by senior IT professionals at Progression’s Cloud Champions CIO meetup. ‘Production hosting should be outsourced; it makes no sense for an IT team to run it in-house. Let the experts handle it. And company should just focus on IT for strategic purposes,” said a senior IT professional.
Get on Cloud
The cloud is a proposition to be wary about, only when you are an outsider and have not used it. Once you use cloud, then like the companies in the research survey, you will also find cloud a very welcoming space. However, opt for a Managed Cloud service, since DIY approaches will only cost more and slow you down.
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