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Cloud Adoption Up, and Growing, say survey reports

Cloud adoption is growing in India. And as one of the leading cloud service providers, we see that in the market. But then we are not the only ones saying that. Forrester Consulting’s survey of 1220 Indian corporate decision makers recently has found that30% of respondents said they planned to deploy cloud solutions within the next 18 months. The survey was done on behalf of VMware. reports that the survey also puts India among the top three cloud adopters in the APJ region. Fifty four percent of the senior IT professionals surveyed consider cloud computing as a top business priority. The survey also mentions resistance within companies about cloud adoption, as well as highlights increased understanding about cloud computing. As people who have been facilitating cloud implementations across India (and some parts of Europe), we agree with the survey results. The interest in cloud is high, and once a business is convinced about the benefits, the uptake becomes faster than they have planned. One of our key customers, a leading auto ancillary company based in North India, tested the cloud waters through a testing and development deployment on cloud. In less than six months, the company moved its entire production running on SAP to a private cloud on the Progression data center. Other than the expected benefits of seeing reduced capex and flexible infrastructure, the company enjoys high uptime, much higher than what they saw on their in-house infrastructure setup. More importantly, the company now has a predictable business outcome, without having had to undertake any risk. That’s what Progression’s Cloud delivers to its customers. What stops you from going the cloud way? Leave a note here.

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