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Cloud for SMBs: Security – the biggest question and the truth

One of the biggest questions in the minds of businesses today is: How secure will our proprietary data and services be once they are moved to the cloud?
But is this a question that should hold these companies back from making the cloud leap? Are worries about cloud computing security issues real?
Many SMBs have not invested significantly in on-premise security solutions. According to Symantec’s State of Information Survey 2012, conducted in February and March of 2012 among companies with five to more than 5,000 employees, in the 12 months prior conducting the survey, 69% of business had lost important business information, and 69% had exposed confidential information. The survey covered business and IT executives at 4,506 organizations in 36 countries.
According to survey respondents, loss of this information could result in lost customers (49 percent), damage to the brand (47 percent), decreased revenue (41 percent), higher expenses (39 percent) and a falling stock price (20 percent).
But ensuring IT security for a small enterprise is fraught with challenges—investing in the infrastructure, hiring and retaining the right personnel, keeping pace with frequent updates for the software, etc. As a result, most of these companies try to make do with little or without. Most of them don’t even have a firewall in place, nor have any idea about how much of their data is already being leaked out.
Compare this to a company whose data is on the cloud—the cloud service provider has deployed the latest security software, offers secure communications, and is following global best practices to ensure that his customers’ data is safe.
Is this better or worse than keeping your data on-premise with no security measures in place?
Service providers offering cloud to SMBs already have the infrastructure, the tools, and the expertise required to ensure that their data stays safe and sound on the cloud. If you are a small enterprise with limited investments in security, your data is safer on the cloud than it is within your premises.
Because it ensures standardized services and compliance with industry best practices, cloud computing gives SMBs the opportunity to leapfrog as an organization straight to the level that most global organizations are at. For small organizations, it can otherwise be challenging to make this shift due to the limitations on resources and lack of effective management.
What are your concerns regarding security on the cloud? Share them with us below.

How secure will our proprietary data and services be once they are moved to the cloud?
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