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Cloud Champions @ Progression: “Inhouse IT Teams Must Focus on Core Business”

The discussion among CIOs and senior IT professionals, cloud and IT experts that followed this comment was a thumping Yes in favor of outsourcing IT infrastructure management. “In fact, production hosting should be outsourced, it makes no sense for an IT team to run it inhouse. Let the experts handle it. And we should just focus on IT for strategic purposes”, said a participant.
This led to a discussion on the kind of alerts a CIO and his team must receive to ensure that things are running as desired in outsourced facilities, and if not, what action has to be taken. Progression’s team took the CIOs and senior IT professionals to the NOC at Progression’s data center and showed the various in-depth alerts that Progression is able to send out to customer IT teams.
The participants found the technologies deployed to enable this highly useful, and not easily seen in many data centers. Ashok Jade, CIO, Shalimar Paints, considers having granular alerts with a clear escalation mode for urgency as a growing need for businesses.
Bibhu Krishna, Senior Manager – IT Infrastructure,, said, “Any system will see downtime. What one needs to ensure is that the window of downtime is the least. More importantly, whatever caused the downtime should not be allowed to repeat.
Progression is bringing together senior IT professionals for great discussions around IT and cloud usage. Watch out for our third edition of Cloud Champions@ Progression in May.

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