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Cloud Champions @ Progression: “Disaster Recovery is a Must for Every Organization”

In the wake of recent natural disasters that affected Nepal and regions in and around North India, CIOs and senior IT professionals were invited to the 3rd edition of Cloud Champions @ Progression, organized this time as a disaster recovery event, to discuss ‘How Ready are Businesses in North India for Natural Calamities!
Participants discussed recent calamities and expressed their concern that when earthquakes or other unavoidable tragedies happen, a company’s main business application and data can be at risk, which puts its users and customers through challenging times.
Other than natural disasters, a company is also prone to accidents, human errors, rodents, or malicious virus attacks. Companies can lose critical data during such events. Revenue loss from IT downtime can also be enormous.  However, with a disaster recovery plan in place, a company can ensure that loss of data, uptime, brand value and money are minimal. So “An effective disaster recovery plan is a must for every organization,” said the IT head of a leading e-commerce company.
CIOs and senior IT professionals, cloud and IT experts then brainstormed about key aspects around ensuring business continuity. Some great insights emerged from this active brainstorming on a dr plan.

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The CIOs and senior IT professionals were then given a tour of Progression’s data center and showed how it is built to withstand calamities using best in class technologies and designed to ensure effective backup and recovery process. Our guests found the data center highly secure and reliable, and appreciated the knowledgeable team managing the data center.
Progression brings together senior IT professionals for great discussions around IT and cloud usage. Watch out for our fourth edition of Cloud Champions@ Progression.
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