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4 Key Benefits of Remote Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

In today’s day & age of digital transformation, most of the business functions, tasks, and jobs happen remotely in a distributed way. Most of the enterprises and SMBs want more output with less & less of input, from multiple geographical locations. Remote Infrastructure Monitoring & Management (RIMM) is an essential solution now in every CIO’s or IT Head’s arsenal, that smoothens operations, gives mental peace and leads to higher efficiency of the entire IT Infrastructure.

If you or someone you know is considering RIMM and trying to figure out whether the benefits outweigh the investment or not, here are four key ways RIMM amplifies your digitization journey:


  1. Cost Optimization: One of the important benefits that RIMM comes with is the ability to optimize your spends in maintaining your IT Infrastructure in house. With RIMM in place, cost gets optimized for:
  • Periodic upgrades
  • Customization and implementation
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Software licenses
  • Software upgrades
  • Rewriting customizations and integrations
  • Electricity to power the servers
  • And more


  1. Enhanced Scalability: For most CIOs, scalability is an important factor as well as concern when it comes to scaling their IT Infrastructure. Remote Infrastructure Monitoring & Management solution fits seamlessly with the existing IT and enables expansion by covering infinite network components and by virtue of removing the dependency for frequent upgrades and maintenance.
  • Steady high speed and superior performance across all endpoints
  •  Single pane of glass giving complete visibility over your resources in real-time
  • A seamless way to implement future cloud migration initiatives


  1. Enhance Security: Remote monitoring & management has an additional benefit: enhanced security. As more business functions get digitized with every passing day, getting routine security jobs done regularly becomes a bit of a concern for the CIOs. This is how RIMM enables clients with enhanced security:
  • Configuring policies and automatic patching for operating systems and other third-party software providers
  • Highlighting devices that are out-of-warranty
  • Monitoring and managing emails
  • Managing memory, processor, and all the network components 24×7
  • Flagging any anomaly or an offbeat behavior such as health performance of any component acting up


  1. Automated Routine Activities: For most organizations, hiring the right IT personnel is a tricky job. More importantly having the personnel consistently update their knowledge & skills while administering & managing the entire IT Infrastructure gets trickier. More often than not the IT team is caught up in routine activities like network scans, patching, root cause analysis, and other tasks, the performance expectation of the end users may fall short at times. RIMM not only automates many routine tasks, but also enables the Managed Services Provider offering RIMM to monitor & manage many things from its Network Operations Center. This enables the IT personnel to free up from routine tasks and work on core IT to help the organization gain competitive advantage.


Whether it is on-premise IT or a cloud-based IT setup, it has become imperative that RIMM is a must-have solution for every CIO or IT Heads. When offered by a good Managed Services Provider, it make the IT more resilient, amplifies performance, optimizes cost, and offers flexibility in many ways. Get started today.

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