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5 Benefits of Adopting Private Cloud in Your Digital Transformation Journey

Businesses are migrating from their existing resources to well-equipped Data Centers for Private Cloud to enable better data management as they realise the dynamism of what can be done with their IT in their Digital Transformation journey. Data Centers have risen to the top of the priority list for organisations around the world as they assess their IT infrastructure needs. Data Centers have evolved beyond being just another storage facility as a result of this shift in thinking. In fact, they’ve become a crucial corporate metric.

Benefits of using a Private Data Center: –

1) Compliance

Businesses in highly regulated areas, such as healthcare and finance, may need to take extra precautions to secure the sensitive and confidential data they manage by following strict compliance standards.

Not many businesses will be able to upload all of their data to a Public Cloud, depending on their industry and the sort of data they have. These businesses may ensure that their data is safely stored and transferred while also adhering to all applicable requirements by using a Private Data Center. Each client is considered an individual entity with their own requirements. So, the information & business critical apps that are hosted in Private Data Centers are accessible and modifiable only with proper permission and acceptance from the management.


2) Security

Using the Private Cloud gives you dedicated infrastructure with secure access, allowing you to make better decisions about access, compliance, and physical security. Your data and intellectual property can be just as secure, if not more, in a remote Private Data Center or Private Data Center suite with the right protocols, compliance, and security software as if it were On-premises. You will have the advantage of when it comes to outsourcing Private Data Centers such as more accessibility and auditability. Most Private Data Centers will have a dedicated NOC team that will assist your enterprise in managing and monitoring the network system and the business operations without having to do so manually. A dedicated NOC team will also keep track of everything that happens in their network, and it’s critical that they give the proper information when it’s needed to keep things running smoothly


3) Reliability

You’ll have dedicated infrastructure and all of the same resources as an on-site Data Center in a Private Cloud, allowing you to execute tailored management duties that your organisation demands.

If you’re heavily reliant on IT and have a distributed staff in various places, an on-site Data Center might not be the best option. By moving to a Private Data Center, you may reduce your company’s footprint while reaping the benefits of the cloud.


4) OPEX Model

Although Public Clouds are convenient, the costs of using them might be high, depending on the services you need. Meanwhile, owning and managing an on-site Data Center is costly and sometimes a drain on capital resources: you must keep a management staff in place, as well as pay for security and infrastructure upgrades on a regular basis.

The happy medium between these two options is a Private Data Center suite within a multi-tenant Data Center. You can get all of the benefits of migrating to the cloud without having to worry about support and maintenance, and you can adopt Hybrid Model to its full potential. This is especially appealing to businesses looking to optimize their budgets and cut down on capital expenditures.

Instead of investing money in the most up-to-date hardware, software, or complicated business licensing, renewal, and maintenance fees, you should be able to save money on both capital and operating costs by utilising the capabilities of a cloud service provider. Moreover, by conversion to a cloud service provider, the enterprises get quicker development and deployment while lowering infrastructure overhead costs.

When you are working with a dedicated service provider, you no longer need to worry about the development that can be made because it’s the team’s duty to be on top of the enhancements. You are not paying for the product, but for a whole package that will help you raise your business standards.


5) Focus on core strength

Redesigning workflows, upgrading equipment, and automating particular operations are all things that a cloud service provider may help with. This relieves your staff of the burden of daily processes, allowing them to concentrate more on their core strength.

When you outsource Data Center services to a cloud service provider, you’re also outsourcing physical Data Center upkeep. This helps your organisation to hire fewer IT personnel, spend less time troubleshooting, and focus on more strategic tasks.



Global IT spending is increasing and is likely to continue to climb in the future. All of these considerations indicate to an increase in Data Center Outsourcing in the near future, specially when it comes to mission critical applications. Regardless of the size of a company or the industry in which it works, businesses all over the world have realised that forming a strategic alliance with dependable partners or service providers for Data Center outsourcing will help them advance.


Progression is a globally awarded Managed Cloud, IT Infrastructure Provider, and Digital Transformation Partner to large and mid-market companies. Progression has been at the forefront of technology, delivering outstanding IT infrastructure services to its clients.

Progression delivers end-to-end Managed Cloud for mission critical applications such as SAP S/4 HANA & SAP ECC, Microsoft Dynamics (AX and NAV), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Remote Infrastructure Monitoring & Management (RIMM). This is delivered through TIER 3+ Public Data Centers spread across India, including Progression’s own Data Centre and NOC at Gurgaon, India

In addition, Progression works with mid-market, large enterprise clients for their on-premise critical IT Infrastructure and services such as Managed File Transfer and Robotic Process Automation Progression designs, delivers, implements and manages clients’ Enterprise IT Infrastructure.

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