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Balancing IT Costs, Manageability & Availability

For any mid-size organization, smooth IT infrastructure management is something of a task, given the number of things that go wrong on a daily basis. But at a strategic level, it is a balancing act. How do you balance Cost, Manageability, and Availability of your IT setup?
You need to add hardware, software, IT teams to meet the growth requirements. That’s a lot of Capex as well as Opex. Even if you bought all the hardware for the growth needs you anticipate, you still have to keep adding more every few months; and refresh every 3-5 years. It’s a waste of resources.
Do you have all the right IT experts to run the show? You need experts for hardware, OSs, applications, databases, security systems. You need a team to coordinate with the various vendors and support teams. Without such an expert team, you could face downtime frequently.
And that brings us to the third parameter—Availability. How available should your IT infrastructure and applications be? Can you afford a downtime of a few hours every month? How does downtime affect your bottomline?
Balance IT Cost, Availability and Manageability
With Progression,
• You get to do what is right for your business: Progression is focused on solutions that deliver value to your business, not just help you set up your IT operations. When we have your business interests in mind, we chalk out solutions that take care of the budgets, best practices, ease of operations and growth.
• You get a team that will get the work done, Whatever IT Takes: Working with many vendors can get very challenging for IT teams. Because no one is really accountable for the IT systems going down. Progression changes this equation. We take ownership of the issue, because we understand the business is getting affected and have the issues addressed as quickly as possible.
• You get high performance, and high uptime: We use current generation infrastructure from the top-tier vendors, so your performance will never be an issue. We also continuously work on IT optimization so there is no wastage of resources or time. Our Tier3+ data center is designed and built in such a way that there is no single point of failure, and your applications remain available, just the way your business demands it.
• You get industry leading ROI: Our focus on top-tier infrastructure, world-class systems and processes, and Whatever IT Takes approach get you the smooth IT operations and uptime needed by your business. So you will start reaping returns almost instantly.
Learn how you can simplify your IT operations,
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